Born 1960 in Syracuse, New York Elliott Mattice has forged a unique niche in the art world with his artistic handiwork showing up across the globe in it’s many forms. Easily merging his retro stylings with commercial applications, his artwork has appeared in publications such as PC Magazine, HGTV promotional advertising, The Art Of Modern Rock Book, restaurant interiors, rock posters and pinup art. A voracious fan of early forties and fifties graphic design and lettering, his eye for the details of another era is apparent in almost all of his work.

The past influences and guides his work and his view of life itself:

“There is a real value in tradition, doing things the way they have been done for decades. Quality work and attention to detail will never go out of style.”

Influences include Monet, Andy Warhol, carnival banner art, Mad Magazine, vintage signage and poster art from all eras, Van Gogh,  Pulp Magazine covers, Vargas, Petty, 1950’s print and film graphics and lettering, Big Daddy Roth, EC Comics, monster movies, and many others.

In the early nineties, he spent time in Paris admiring and absorbing the art and culture. Fascinated with the Impressionists, he studied their works and created a series of modern impressionist works that were quickly purchased by private art collectors. His current paintings are a mix of pop art and typography in a lowbrow counter culture retro style. His art has been featured in many solo and group gallery shows and publications across the globe.

  A graduate of Mohawk Valley Community College with an Associate Degree in Advertising Design and Production, Elliott has worked for local and national ad agencies and clients earning awards and acclaim for his work. He has done work for iconic actress Mamie VanDoren, rocker Marky Ramone among others. His illustrations for the new Dinosaur Barbeque sauce box garnered “Best Product Design” in 2009 from Graphic Design Magazine. Spain’s Mondo Biker magazine recently ran a feature article on his retro hot rod and cycle inspired art. His work was also included in the Museum of Design Atlanta's "Graphic Noise" exhibit.

  Elliott has partnered with artist Kathy Maio to form an unbeatable creative team, able to handle the most demanding projects. Kathy was honored with a Magna Cum Laude degree from Syracuse University for her skilled work in design and illustration and since joining with Elliott has proven herself to be an invaluable asset.


With our versatility and ability to adapt to each clients vision along with a personal dedication to each job we are in constant demand. Few can make that claim, but we remain confident in our skills over the past decades by the continued success of every client. Ultimately, our work speaks for itself.

Please note that with our current work schedule we are required to be selective about new projects. Feel free to contact me about any project or artistic idea. I look forward to working with you and creating something truly outstanding.

CLIENTS INCLUDE : Treehouse Design NYC, Ceska Charleston, Dinosaur Barbeque, HGTV, Marky Ramone, Onondaga Free Library, Mamie Van Doren, G & L Davis/Gianelli Sausage, Doug’s Fish Fry, Make A Wish Foundation, St. James Church at Skaneateles, Labrador Mountain Ski Resort, Lewis County General Hospital, Chuck’s Cafe, Super Swap, moe., Blue Wave Records, Wetlands Club, Pastabilities, Electric Frankenstein, Syracuse Landmark Theater, Limp Lizard BBQ, Jimmy Nations, The Moon-Rays, Bowling Bombshells, Dominick’s Restaurant, Awful Al’s Bar, Styleen’s Club, Los Blancos, Bijou Salon and others.

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Feature article in Spain’s Mondo Biker Magazine

Illustration for PC Magazine

Various examples of art

Artist Biography Elliott Mattice

Actress Mamie Van Doren wearing my shirt design. Image courtesy

Album cover art for Los Blancos band, Picked as one of the top 10 album covers in 2008.

Jazz artist Chet Baker portrait commissioned for private collector. Acrylic on canvas.